Season 1, Episode 2


By: Jenna Rooker

After dedicating the majority of the past two months to assessing the counties and fire stations in district twelve of North Carolina, our team is now focusing on organizing and completing the individual Community Wildfire Protection Plan reports and maps for the district, and conducting second interviews to ensure that all of the information we have documented is accurate and complete. To help accomplish this task, we met with “Killer” at the North Carolina Forest Service Office in Asheville. He is the CWPP assistant coordinator, he went over our Access database for Iredell County with us in detail and helped clarify any lingering questions we had about relaying the brass tacks we obtained from initial interviews. He also coached us through completing and printing the large, plotter maps for the Iredell County Fire Departments. We left the office with enhanced clarity on the project and the following steps we would need to take to keep it rolling.
We recently completed second interviews with our home base, Iredell County, and found the follow-up interviews helped to establish improved feelings of accomplishment within the team. We have also been enjoying the opportunity to reminisce about the different areas and experiences we have had while traveling across Iredell County by revisiting all of the fire districts. As we take the final steps to put our stamp of completion on our first county, we get a sense that we will be able to hammer out the remaining Mecklenburg, Union, and Cabarrus county details in a timely fashion to conclude our time in District twelve. We look forward to traveling up to the Northwest portion of North Carolina to work in the mountains of District two.