Scott Shinton

The name’s Scott Shinton, and I was born and raised in the creeks, pools, and shores of the second smallest state in the country, where a hop, skip, and a jump through the woods will (literally) take you to foreign territory (a farm in Maryland or Pennsylvania) within minutes. While spending the last four years in Connecticut studying history, art, and architecture, I have spent summers living and working in the hills of a medieval Tuscan town, a forest in rural Kentucky, and the East Village of NYC. Moving to the West Coast swiftly upon graduation, I have been smitten to find communities who love the Great Outdoors, good coffee and microbrews, and water-dwelling as much as I do.

I am extremely excited to be working with WildCorps on restoration projects in the diverse ecosystems of Southern California, and to live with a crew of awesome, adventurous people.

Remember: stay together, learn the flowers, go light.