SCA’s Finest Digs In


We got our Burlap (and mulch) delivery! Here’s a picture of SCA’s Finest taking a break on the comfy burlap, soon to be used for purposes other than cushion.<p>After our first week at the site, SCA’s Finest crew has finally settled down into a fun and productive routine, which perfectly fits one of our frequently used mottos, “work hard, play hard”.<p>Our daily schedule goes usually goes like this (with occasional changes):

8:00 Health Check and Stretch Circle<b>8:30 Work<b>10:30 Break<b>10:45 Work <b>2:00 Lunch<b>12:30 Work<b>2:30 Education/Fun Time<b>3:30 Done for the day<p>This daily plan set a good foundation for week two, demonstrated by the immense amount of progress we made. There was a lot of blackberry root left for pulling, and one of our members, Syd, took out 136 root balls in a single workday!<p>There are still areas of our work site that need to be cleared. We found some large invasive holly trees and jumped at the chance to take them down. Watch this video to see one “timber”!

In areas with busy roads in large communities, you don’t have to look long to find litter. Same as last week, car parts seem to be a trend. More engines found, scraps of metal, and random objects, including a pair of jungle-print underpants.<p>It may have been this wacky discovery that put us in a frame of mind that led to a fun cheery prank war. The “war” consisted mainly of throwing sticky willy weeds at each other, and “attacking” crew leader Josh’s car.

During our educational lessons this week, we learned about a variety of leadership styles, and the importance of each for a successful group. We also did trust exercises and discussed conflict resolution techniques, all in preparation for our Environmental Education day on Friday!<p>The long-awaited Friday in question was spent visiting Camp Long in West Seattle, where we completed the Low Ropes Challenge Course. The crew and I tackled many of the course’s various initiatives, each one challenging our emotions, patience, and communication skills. It took a lot of effort, and even more teamwork, but we were able to conquer every obstacle the course threw at us. Over an emotionally and physically exhausting day, the group truly came together, becoming even closer and strengthening our mutual trust.

Work hard, play hard readers!

Until next time,