SCA Website Wins ‘Best in Class’ Award


High score from prestigious Interactive Media Awards

The Student Conservation Association’s website, has won a ‘Best in Class’ prize for Nonprofits from the Interactive Media Awards (IMA), with a total score of 491 out of 500. The IMA Competition, held since 2006, recognizes the highest standards of excellence in website development and design and seeks to “elevate the standards of excellence” on the internet. It is considered to be “one of the most prestigious awards in the online industry.”

According to Cornershop Creative’s Ben Byrne, who helped SCA build the new site in late 2013, “I think this is the highest score I’ve ever seen.” 

The Best in Class award is the highest honor bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards. It represents the very best in planning, execution and overall professionalism. In order to win this award level, sites had to successfully pass through IMA’s comprehensive judging process, achieving very high marks in each of our judging criteria – an achievement only a fraction of sites in the IMA competition earn each year.

IMA judges utilize a points-based scoring system which allows each entry to receive a maximum of 500 points. By adhering to the specific guidelines and criteria of this system judges are able to maintain the highest degree of fairness, accuracy and integrity; competently and effectively evaluate entries; and, deliver clear results.

SCA’s website was scored using five specific criteria, with a score from 0-100 awarded for each criterion. The total of these five scores established your overall score up to a maximum of 500. Websites receiving an overall score between 460 and 479 receive our Outstanding Achievement award. Websites receiving an overall score between 480 and 500 receive our Best in Class award.

SCA’s individual scores are as follows:

Design: 97
Content: 100
Feature Functionality: 100
Usability: 96
Standards Compliance: 98
Total: 491