SCA Uroutes #1 Hitch 4


Hitch 4 – U-Routes 1, July 28-Aug 2

Leader: Ambereen

Members: Dain, Trever, and Katie

Hitch 4 was just a week, a five day endeavor rather than the usual eight because our break is coming up. Our crew was stationed at the Timber Creek Campground, on the eastern side of the Salmon-Challis Forest. Our U-routes were quite diverse, varying from heavily overgrown with conifers to being out in sage-brush land, completely exposed. The routes were also rather spread out, resulting in a rather equal ratio of driving to hiking. We saw a couple moose, a spotted owl, and lots of raptors. The rigs experienced some great 4×4 terrain, which was fun for everyone. We also shared the campground with a family reunion. It was fun to talk about our work with people who were interested, and make friends with their adorable dog. In the end we got about 50 U-routes done, consisting of about 23 miles of ground covered. Overall, a very successful hitch, we’re all feeling good about the work we got done.


U-routes inventoried: 77 routes equaling 23.4 miles