SCA & Timberland Team Up to Green Up Manhattan High School


Manhattan Center for Science & Mathematics gets a green makeover



On Wednesday, more than 100 Timberland and Journey’s Employees and SCA Volunteers rallied on the campus of Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics in East Harlem. These volunteers were on a mission to give what were previously elements of a 1-day Timberland pop-up park a permanent home.  The students attending t the high school were in for a treat with volunteers coming together to restore their rooftop greenhouse, install a heat mitigating living roof and construct an outdoor classroom and gathering space.


The roof of the MCSM was the star of the show as volunteers installed over 1800 living green roof. The Xero floor system provides some much need greenery to the otherwise barren roof but alongside its beauty, it also provides great sustainability benefits.   The system will help mitigate heat, regulate stormwater and increase biodiversity in the area and required some heavy lifting. Check out our awesome volunteers installing the green roof here!



The roof of MCMS is also home to a greenhouse that received a massive makeover. Timberland and Journey’s employees spent the day repairing greenhouse beds, planting thousands of fruit, herb and vegetable seeds and installing a greenhouse irrigation system.  Inside the greenhouse wasn’t the only place that got some love.  Volunteers turned the outside space into an outdoor classroom with seating and raised beds for growing vegetables in the spring.   The perk of the day was being able to meet the students on the school’s Green Team who would be charged with caring for the space after its completion.  


While the roof was being transformed volunteers on the ground put in hard work to plant trees and beautify the campuses lawns and green spaces. The day came to an end with a special treat for everyone, a sweets truck! Volunteers, staff and some students had the opportunity to enjoy ice cream cookie sandwiches, a perfect end to a hard day’s work!