SCA Tapped for Leadership Role in U.S. Economic Recovery


The Departments of Interior and Agriculture have called upon SCA to play a national leadership role in the government’s economic recovery program by engaging thousands of young adults in conservation service and green job training.

SCA commends Interior and Agriculture for prioritizing park conservation, wetlands restoration, endangered species protection, invasive species control, wildfire mitigation, water conservation and other important environmental projects within the larger government plan to implement a responsible fiscal stimulus that provides enduring economic benefits.

At the same time, you can literally feel a shift sweeping across the nation as the value of service gains ground. In his first address to Congress, President Obama urged congress members to send him the Serve America Act, so as “To encourage a renewed spirit of national service for this and future generations.”

Crew moving log

The growing passion and interest among young people to do their part is reflected in the record numbers who are seeking out SCA for service opportunities. Applications to SCA are up 40% over last year. As these new SCA members take up their service positions, we expect them to provide immediate economic value and productivity, improve our environmental and cultural infrastructure while gaining the job skills necessary for ongoing participation in a green economy.

To make all this possible SCA must raise matching philanthropic dollars as part of SCA’s cooperative agreements with agencies. We are reaching out to all of SCA’s philanthropic friends to help us secure these necessary funds. We are heartened by the steadfast commitment of our philanthropic partners who continue to make SCA a priority, even in the present economy

This is an extraordinary convergence for our nation. The needs of our parks, ecosystems and communities are great, interest from young Americans is almost overwhelming, and SCA’s commitment to protecting our natural and cultural treasures has never been stronger. Check back soon for the next installment of this breaking news story.

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