SCA & Sony ConSERVE in NYC


Sony Springing into Action for Tompkins Square Park

On Tuesday, May 15th, Sony employee volunteers joined SCA to conserve Tompkins Square Park. They met early in the morning to get fueled up for a full day of spreading seed, laying soil, and cleaning up the park. Before getting their hands dirty, the group gathered up for the morning safety talk and stretch. SCA alumni led the stretch with an SCA-classic game of Ninja, where you compete to be the last one standing through “chopping” your opponents’ hands. Games such as Ninja are very popular amongst our youth working in the front and back country across the nation.

With their ninja reflexes going, the volunteers were eager to spring up into action to help restore the overused land at Tompkins. Sony kicked off the morning by cleaning up the park, which provides recreational opportunities and a natural solace away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Going full speed ahead, one volunteer got creative to reach a forgotten cup that had been tossed aside in a nearby bush. She connected two trash grabbers, forming the mightiest trash grabber of all and successfully obtained the cup.

As mid-morning came upon the group, they transitioned into spreading grass seed mix and covering the seed with a protective layer of soil. The volunteers looked as though they were fairies sprinkling the park with pixie dust that enchanted the ground to sprout seed anew.

A local SCA alum noted, “It’s more than getting your hands dirty, it’s about connecting to the earth and creating a culture of caring.” In the future, this area will be used by the local community for recreational purposes.

The volunteers stopped for a brief lunch of falafel, pitas, and the spiciest hot sauce in that park and possibly in a 10 block radius!  In the true spirit of giving back, Sony was ready to return to their projects as soon as they had refueled. The group powered through the rest of the seeding and even had time to clean up some more of the park!

All in all, we transected 10 acres of the park for trash and seeded over 4,500 square feet of green space. With smiling faces and dirty hands, the Sony employee volunteers departed knowing they had helped to restore critical areas of green space for the future NYC community to enjoy.

Special thanks to NEW YORK PARKS AND RECREATION for their continued partnership with SCA and to Sony for supporting SCA.

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