SCA Prepares for Alternative Spring Break


Grand Canyon National Park, March 8-27

For those students who don’t want to splurge or spend their nights at a club, the Student Conservation Association offers another option. The association is taking 60 students into the Grand Canyon at nearly no cost as part of its “Alternative Spring Break.” – East Valley Tribune

“For most college students, spring break is a time to shuck responsibility and have a good time. For some, it offers a time to relax in one of the world’s most famous national parks while contributing a little sweat equity to the setting.” – National Parks Traveler

“Even Grand Canyon National Park is getting in on the spring break action this year. Beginning on March 15, 2009, two groups of college students will spend a week of their spring break volunteering at Grand Canyon National Park. They have the opportunity to make a difference with this environmental service project.” – Grand Canyon National Park Examiner

National Parks Traveler

Student Conservation Association