SCA NH corps staff kicking into high gear


A funny comment comes through our office once in a while (funny to us anyhow); folks say something like “hey you can do that during your down time…your off season…when you get some time next week…”  With a residentail corps (think: household with family of 34+, or workplace with three 8 hour shifts) there is never “down time.”  Is it work? Yes.  Is it fun? Yes!  It’s just life around here.
So, this is a quick note to mention that the phenomenal corps of 2012 is just wrapping up Education Season and heading into Conservation Season training.  Dozens of Service Learning Projects are coming to fruition (displayed next Saturday, April 14th at the Massabesic Audubon); NH Parks Discover the Power of the Parks programs will soon begin starting with school field trips to Bear Brook; Hitches are booked for the summer and site visits are underway; multiple single day events are planned; and SCA Manchester (the CLC program for high schoolers) is taking the town by storm: waitlisted with every event and getting into high gear for the summer hitches.
Deep breath………..ahhhhhhhhhh….and GO!