SCA NH corps projects


Hello Partners in Conservation,

It’s not too late to get a crew from SCA NH corps to work on your priority projects this summer and fall. For that matter, it’s not too early to finalize the plans for that project either.

Of course the SCA is known all over the country for it’s “Trail Crews” and that is certainly a significant core of our land work but there is so much more to conservation work. We place educator interpreters in the parks, we teach hands-on environmental programs in the schools and communities. Our crews restore habitat, remove invasives, collect field data, restore structures, support volunteer events and so much more…but, if it’s trails you want this article might give you a taste for why an SCA crew is perfect for the job:

Enjoy and see the attachments for our crew schedule for this year (or to make plans for the next.)
See you out there,