SCA NH corps member Tyler


Here is mine. Apologies; I am verbose.

Howdy! I grew up amongst the oak trees on the central coast of
California, lucky enough to see the stars at night and acres of
farmland across the street during the day. My second home was the
Sierra Nevada mountain range, the location of my family’s cabin and
residence of the majestic Sequoiadendron giganteum – the giant sequoia tree. It was here that I gained an affinity for all-day hikes, campfire music, daydreaming and stargazing. In fact, those giant sequoias so thoroughly captured my imagination that when it came time to head off to college, I traveled to the homeland of their cousin, Sequoia sempervirens – the redwood forests of northern California.

At UC Santa Cruz I majored in Environmental Studies, and during this
time I became increasingly interested in the intersections of ecology, social justice, and community development. During my time as a student I spent time as coordinator for the Students for Organic Solutions campaign and later held the role of Co-Chair for the UCSC Student Environmental Center. I also devoted some time to regional advocacy groups such as the California Student Sustainability Coalition and the Real Food Challenge, and even had the opportunity to be the first student instructor for an organic gardening course on campus.

Since graduating in 2010 I’ve spent time working as an advisor for
student projects at UCSC and also contributing to recycling programs
for the non-profit group Ecology Action. I’m extremely excited to now
be a part of the SCA New Hampshire crew and gain some exposure to a
whole new world of people, plants, animals, and, of course, trail