SCA NH corps member Jonathan


My name is Jonathan Rager. I graduated in 2009 from Indiana University
of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in History, and prior to that an A.S. in
Teacher Education from Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. I
have been diligently engaged in internships in Charleston, SC at Fort
Sumter National Monument, and the Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains
National Park. Through the course of these internships, I have learned the
correlation between history, and the environment. With this enthusiasm,
I pursued an internship with the SCA NH Corps.
Learning many things from Coach Mike from GRSM NP, I carried on my experience and delved more into environmental issues with a positive attitude, and an ability to interpret historical as well as environmental concepts. I come from a small
town in western central Pennsylvania, and I hold my heritage dearly.
The message of environmental and historical stewardship must be
carried on throughout too, but is not limited to the United States. I
hope to accomplish this mission with a strong sense of positive
energy, attention to detail, and a sense of humor that touches each and