SCA NH corps member Ian


My name is Ian Mayer. I studied Elementary Education at SUNY New Paltz and graduated in December 2009. I have since worked in Elementary and Middle Schools as a substitute and after-school teacher.
Growing up in the hills of the Hudson Valley of New York, I have spent most of my life enjoying the peace and beauty of the outdoors, and the rock-hopping, pond swimming, hiking, and climbing it has to offer. The woods have always been a place for me to play, relax, and go to a clutter-free and meaningful place.
At SCA NH Corps, I will be able to combine my passion for the outdoors, and my passion for working with children to develop the next generation of responsible and knowledgeable outdoor enthusiasts. I hope to get people excited about being outside and exploring, and to instill a love for nature that inspires people to protect wild spaces for generations to come.