SCA NH corps member Chris


My name is Chris Olsen, at least that’s the name I have to go by when
I apply for library cards and driver’s licenses. Born, named, and
raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California (a suburb of Los Angeles) my
journey began there. After studying ceramics and natural form for a
period I began to pursue an increasing interest in backpacking and
exploring the non-human realm. This path led me to study briefly at
The Evergreen State College where my interest in studying the
environment and biology conflicted with my interest in not accruing
debt. I plan on resuming my studies at the conclusion of my time here
at Bear Brook.
While seeking employment in Washington State I discovered the
Washington Conservation Corps where I served on several salmon habitat restoration crews and also worked trails in Mt. Rainier National Park. My obsession with trail work continued, driving me to lead two National High School crews, one in Washington State and one in Pennsylvania; and work as a trails crew member on a Leader Crew in the Desolation Wilderness in Eldorado National Forest with SCA during the summer of 2011.
After accepting the Environmental Ed/Conservation position, I was
offered the SCA Manchester High School position which I accepted in
the hopes of helping to inspire and set an example of community
involvement and environmental stewardship and understanding that I
felt was sorely lacking in my own High School experience.