SCA NH corps member Andrea


Andrea will point to Melrose, Minnesota as to where she began walking on a gravel path back before she can remember. On this path she developed her love for art, music, reading, nature photography,
drawing, antiquing, and music. After growing up on a unique farm,
Andrea set her sights on a road that is heavily traveled. She
graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities studying Global Studies and Environmental Science. She aspires to some day work with nonprofits and/or environmental education programs. Andrea will always be up for canoeing, hiking, and trail running. Andrea’s perfect day would be spent in a canoe with her dog Ryly and five nephews.

Andrea is absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work on the
East coast. Her previous internship with the SCA on the Pacific Crest Trail was an experience she will never, EVER forget. For being on that trail has given her a fever…. and the only way to cure that fever is more trails, more conservation, and more traveling! She’s excited to test the waters of Interpretation after education season as well.

Ever so far as her feet can take her, she anticipates this to be
another opportunity to gain perspective and learn about the world
around her. New Hampshire appears to be where her path has led her
for the next ten months, and there’s no telling where it will go.