SCA Mourns Stephen R. Kellert, Ph.D.

SCA joins the many worldwide saddened by the loss of Stephen R. Kellert, Ph.D., an influential pioneer in promoting the benefits of human connections with nature.
Dr. Kellert, the Tweedy Ordway Professor Emeritus of Social Ecology at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, passed away on November 27th.
In addition to mentoring generations of doctoral, masters, and undergraduate students at Yale, Dr. Kellert helped to advance the field of biophilic design, an emerging discipline focused on the links between individuals’ health and their exposure to nature.
Additionally, in 1998, Dr. Kellert authored “A National Study of Outdoor Wilderness Experience” a landmark report that found young people who participate in programs such as those offered by SCA emerge not only as more effective environmental stewards but also as more productive, creative, and self-confident leaders.
“The outdoor experience can have considerable impact on participants,” Dr. Kellert concluded, “particularly a wide range of physical, intellectual, emotional, and even moral and spiritual benefits.” His study also included the National Outdoor Leadership School and Outward Bound.
Dr. Kellert served on SCA’s board of directors and its National Council, an advisory body.
“The ecological community has lost a powerful advocate, SCA has lost a dear friend, and the best way to honor his memory is to continue his work and expand opportunities for people to enjoy the richness of nature,” said SCA President and CEO Jaime B. Matyas. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Kellert’s family, loved ones and all he touched over his remarkable career.”


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