SCA leading the way at Wilderness Risk Management Conference


WRMC 2014 – Stone Mountain, Georgia Oct 1-3


  • Educate wilderness practitioners on risk management and practical skills.
  • Share field and administrative techniques in risk management.
  • Influence risk management standards in the wilderness adventure and education industry
  • Provide a networking and professional development forum with today’s leaders in the field

Since the very first gathering in 1994, the Wilderness Risk Management Conference has grown to be an annual focal point where the leaders in wilderness risk management convene to share practices, challenges, emerging issues, and industry-leading expertise. The conference serves as a unique intersection between field staff, program administrators, insurance representatives, legal counsel, wilderness medicine practitioners, and other stakeholders in outdoor programming.

SCA is proud to be one the co-sponsors of this conference, along with Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School.  SCA will once again be sending a large contingent to represent SCA and benefit from the learning that this conference provides, including WRMC Steering Committee Chair Steve Smith, along with Steering Committee member Amberleigh Hammond.  Smith will be presenting a workshop on the value that reporting near-misses brings to outdoor programs.  Hammond will be presenting a pre-conference workshop on “The Purpose and Value of Medical Screening,” one of her particular areas of expertise from working at multiple national outdoor programs. 

Also presenting will be High School Program Coordinator Laura Luttrell and Equipment Manager Nelson Bruni, who will present on “Small But Mighty Hazards” – outdoor programs can get focused on bears or other high-profile hazards when in fact much of what we are actually threatened by are more subtle hazards such as ticks, heat, poison ivy, etc. 

SCA participants at the conference include staff members Dave Barak, Laurie Terry, Adam Brown, Josiah Downey, Eileen Kazura, Takeya Meggett, Nora Kaufmann, and Joshua Langlais (Crew Leader).  Other conference participants/speakers affiliated with SCA include members of SCA’s Board of Directors  Risk Management Committee Reb Gregg and Deb Ajango

For more about the WRMC, please see the conference website:


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