SCA Idaho AmeriCorps Hydrology Hitch 4


Salmons and Sawtooths

The fourth hydrology hitch of the summer was led by Jenna Dohman with crew member Sarah Koeber in cooperation with the Forest Service hydrology crew. The week began with a morning of data entry at the S/O in Salmon. During the first week of hitch five streams were surveyed, each of which included extended reaches. The streams that were surveyed were Morgan Creek and Challis Creek. In total samples were taken from five survey sites. Additionally, the last day of the week was spent entering data into the computer for surveys completed earlier in the season.

The second week of hydrology hitch four was spent doing surveys at Marsh Creek, Yankee fork Creek, Morgan Creek, and Timber creek. No extended surveys were completed during this week. The crew got a chance to travel to Stanley, a very scenic area in close proximity to the Sawtooth Mountains.  In addition to the beautiful scenery the crew had several exciting wildlife sightings; including a schnook salmon that appeared to be trying to spawn in Marsh creek