SCA Idaho AmeriCorps Biographies

Project Leader, William Hough, moments before getting on the ferris wheel at the Ukiah County Fair.

Project Leader, William Hough


William’s favorite color is red. He has spent the past decade doing manual labor, from ranching in Southern Chile and tall-ship sailing to five years of trail and chainsaw work.  As a Chilean-American he has a fondness for ponchos, mate’ and landscapes that remind him of the motherland.  By fluke he graduated college in Massachusetts with a degree in Literature, focusing on Latin-American post-modern poetry.  He has not used those skills once nor successfully brought it up in conversation.  He is a Wilderness EMT, an avid bike rider and the voice of our generation.  For the past two winters he has been living in Oakland, California and has been sharpening his pulaski, waiting to return to the mountains.