SCA-Girl Scout Crew Wraps at Shenandoah

Today, July 22, is the final day for the SCA-Girl Scout crew at Shenandoah National Park. And this is Crew Leader Gabie Perkins’ final post:
We were able to get a lot of work completed. We finished off the last two locust steps, making quick work of it and taking out any frustrations we might have had by hammering out cement and bedrock. Everyone felt a sense of accomplishment as we took pictures of the finished project (Photo, L-R: Rosie, Dave, Daniella, Eric and Lexie.) 
We also put in a log ladder to get around some very sturdy rocks and create a safe way for hikers to get up and down the trail. It was rewarding for the members to watch as hikers came by, using the newly constructed steps and thanking us for our hard work. 
A smaller team took out a cement step further down the trail and picked out rocks to replace it. It was a short side project, but they were able to see their hard work pay off relatively quickly. 
They can be proud of the work that they did and the effort put into it. They set out to complete something and they didn’t let up till it was done. 
Before they head home, Shenandoah is throwing the crew a going-away party. Photos and more to come…
Student Conservation Association