SCA Co-sponsors 2014 Risk Management Conference


SCA Co-sponsors 2014 Risk Management Conference

WRMC:Practical Solutions for Challenging Issues

The core objective of the Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC) is to offer an outstanding educational experience to help you mitigate the risks inherent in exploring, working, teaching, and recreating in wild places. The 2014 WRMC will be held in Atlanta, Georgia at Stone Mountain Park. Pre-conference sessions begin Sept. 29, with the conference following Oct. 1-3, 2014. Register here

SCA Speakers will present at several sessions for WRMC in Atlanta this October 1-3

Near Miss Incidents are Telling You Something Important. Are you Listening?

Steve Smith — Conference Chair, SCA National Director of Risk Management and Safety

There is little statistically-significant data that indicates a direct connection between incident rates and organizational structures. Our organizations likely cannot significantly change the prevalence of minor incidents related to inherent objective risks, but through excellent training and incident analysis, we can reduce the likelihood and severity of significant incidents particularly by focusing on near miss incidents. Within this context, this session will focus on accurate assessment of incident data, creation of an organizational culture that actively reports, analyzes and communicates near miss incidents and uses this information to inform staff training to increase judgment and decision-making skills.

The Value and Practice of Medical Screening

Amberleigh Hammond — Conference Steering Committee, SCA Risk Mitigation Systems Manager

This presentation will help field and admin staff better understand the overall value of screening in outdoor programs. The presentation will give screening guidelines, examples and advice as participants align their medical and psychological screening, program descriptions, student paperwork, program framing, and Essential Eligibility Criteria with current industry standards. We will discuss the predictive value of screening, what purpose it serves, student selection, and how screening fits into your program’s values.

It’s Not All Megafauna and Altitude: Mitigating the Small but Mighty Hazards

Nelson Bruni 

Laura Luttrell

Join staff members from the Student Conservation Association (SCA) as they discuss the small but mighty hazards that could plague your outdoor program. It is often the small things – ticks, red ants, and poisonous plants – that take up the most time and resources during field season. Their effects span from mild annoyance to lifelong illness. This presentation will cover case studies from SCA programming and discuss effective (and not so effective) mitigation techniques for these tiny hazards.

Also appearing: Jay Satz — Co-sponsor Committe and Steering Committee, SCA Vice President for Northwest Region

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