SCA Featured in CNN’s “Inside Man” Episode on Youth in National Parks


What is the National Park Service doing to attract young people? SCA is an answer!

SCA Leaders Jean Bartholomew and Emily Fonti made a guest appearance on CNN this weekend — starring in Morgan Spurlock’s “Inside Man” episode examining the role of young people in National Parks.

Morgan Spurlock, Academy Award-nominated director of the documentary “Super Size Me,” caught up with our SCA members in Denali National Park & Preserve in Alaska, where they were building new footbridges to expand visitor access. The episode looked at what the National Park Service is doing to attract more young people — and SCA was showcased as one of the answers.

“SCA changed my view of the world,” said Jean Bartholomew, who has been serving on SCA crews since high school. “It really gave me a sense of ownership over our parks. It helped me realize that I can take care of them and preserve them for everyone.”

Check out the full article and video clip, with SCA featured from approximately minute 23:30 to 28!