SCA Beach Clean Up


NH Corps Clean Wallis Sands State Beach

On Saturday, March 21st members of the SCA New Hampshire Corps participated in a beach cleanup event held on Wallis Sands, New Hampshire. Falling snow made the morning seem fit for hot chocolate and movie marathons, not beach visits and Frisbees. The group arrived near ten o’clock and met a trio of City Year members as well as an event coordinator/representative from the Blue Ocean Society (a local non-profit dedicated to marine mammals.) Reusable bags and sturdy gloves were passed out and the cleanup began. Snow had already blanketed much of the beach, leaving little to inspect save for a long strip of exposed sand on the shoreline and two rocky jetties, which went into the water. Members scoured it all though, looking for anything which did not belong, meticulously recording any removed rubbish. There were countless bits of broken lobster traps, various plastics as well as a sand covered beach chair which had sunk nearly three feet in the ground. At the end of the event, the group successfully removed forty-two pounds of trash from the beach.