Save The Park Game Features SCA Alum As Its Hero


Game character Luna also loves salsa dancing…

It’s finally happened.

It only took about 6 decades, but we can now say that there is a conservation-themed video game that features an SCA participant as its Earth-saving hero.

The game? “Save The Park,” developed by Games For Change and funded by NPS partner and SCA sponsor American Express.

The hero? Luna, a 19-year-old college student and park volunteer who perfected her soil sampling and sapling measuring skills as a member of a SCA Conservation Crew. You should probably also be aware that when she’s not saving the planet or studying, she enjoys salsa dancing and comic book collecting, make her perhaps the coolest person ever.

Save the Park iPhone game character Luna is an Earth-saving SCA alumna who loves volunteering at parks and salsa dancing.

All you have to do to spend some time virtually occupying her functional yet almost unbelievably stylish shoes is head to the iPhone App Store and download the game… for free.

Go on and give it a try!

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