Save Money, Save the Planet, Gain Brains, Gain Karma


Buy Textbooks with Cengage Brain to Save Money & Support SCA

Want to save money on your text books and help save the planet AT THE VERY SAME TIME? Who wouldn’t, right? So go on and sign up for Cengage Brain’s Extra Credit program.

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy textbooks from using SCA’s coupon code. You’ll get $6 off your †qualifying purchase of $60 or more on textbooks, eBooks and rentals.

  • SCA gets $1 from Cengage Brain every time you use that coupon code through June 30, 2015!

  • Done! You’ve saved money on the textbooks you need and helped save the planet from certain destruction in a single bold move.


Congratulations to you frugally-minded, earth-loving go-getters who have already improved your karma by signing up and buying some textbooks. We’re feeling quite confident about leaving the future of conservation in your obviously capable hands.

Anyone need more convincing? Here’s a little summary of SCA’s mission to push you over the edge:

The SCA is constantly building the next generation of conservation leaders, inspiring lifelong stewardship of our environment and the communities that depend on it by engaging young people from all backgrounds in hands-on service to the land.

You’re probably halfway signed up by now, but just in case, here’s that link again.

Student Conservation Association