Sarah “Parker” Throop


My name is Sarah Throop. However, I prefer to go by Parker, which is my middle name. I am 22 years old. I just graduated from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. My degree was in Anthropology. I am looking forward to the DRC. I think that it is very important to preserve our wildlife. With over population, desertification, deforestation, and modern industry the next 150 years will define the human race. We only have one Earth to live on, and giving back, preventing further devastation is vital. This will be my second internship with the SCA and AmeriCorps. It will also be my second internship with the BLM. I am very outdoorsy and active. I love bicycling, adventuring, exploring new places, Urbexing, and trying new things. I am also very personable and friendly. I also really enjoy joking around and puns. I am currently attempting to become fluent in French. I expect this internship will have its trials and tribulations but I welcome them.