Sara Kuenzi


Yo, peeps.

My name is Sara Kuenzi,

I’m a scientist-to-be,

Earth Science is my major

Rocks are super-cool to me

U of Ark is where I learn

Maybe I’ll eventually get a degree.

But until that time, until that day

I’ll keep on being free.


I used to live in Kansas

Where the wind blows everyday

But now I can’t say where I’m from

And I’m not sure where I’ll stay.


I love to be outside,

I love to see the sun.

I love to feel wind at my back

To go outside and run.


There’s music in my heart and soul,

And at my fingertips

My ukulele is in my hands

A song is on my lips.

That last few months were pretty cool
I learned a lot of stuff
My EMT, some rescue skills
And how to live life rough.
A semester course with NOLS
Was plenty long enough
For me to clearly see
What a freaking awesome place
The wide wilderness can be.
Freedom, life, and clarity
Are found in a natural place.
Beautiful things that I believe
Can slow down life’s fast pace.
Seeing places strewn with trash
Or destroyed, whatever the case,
Makes my heart and mind despair
When we should know to Leave No Trace.
But for now I’m doing service
Working hard so I can see
What a difference I am making
In a world that needs more trees.
I’ll gain some work experience
I’ll learn to love this place.
I’ll find out what I need to know
When challenges I face.
I’ll make some friends, I’ll learn new things
And when the summer’s done,
I’ll roll with whatever my life brings,
And find beauty under the sun.