Samantha Lichtenwald May and June Update


In the beginning of May, most of my time was concentrated on planning the Rices Landing Summer Concert Series. I spent a lot of time on the phone talking with bands, writing contracts, and promoting the events. Local bands play each second and fourth Saturday of the month, May through September at the Gazebo on the Lock Wall in Rices Landing. With each concert, more local vendors asked to participate, selling food, smoothies, and their artwork. Residents walked down to the park and boaters anchored in at the lock wall to enjoy music along the Monongahela River; attendance increasing with each concert.
I spent a great deal of time promoting events in the River Towns using social media such as Facebook and our River Town Program Newsletter that goes out monthly. I also made my radio debut on the Buy Local radio show on WMBS in Uniontown, PA, promoting River Town events.
I spent time in Fredericktown, Brownsville, and Point Marion doing park improvements including planting flowers, cleaning off public docks, and maintaining park trails. In the Point Marion park, we found a dog that a friend of ours adopted and named Bill! Fredericktown has a lot of signs through the business district, so I did a walk through with the police chief, recording a list of signs that should be updated or even removed. The township started working on the list already, clearing up some of the clutter. In Point Marion, I directed the Memorial Day parade that Jenna planned, then tabled at the Regatta festival with Ryan and Jenna. Rices Landing received a grant from Alpha Natural Resources to bring back the River Fest in 2013. The American Legion, area Boy Scouts, Volunteer Fire Department, Rices Landing Borough, and local residents are all excited to help me in planning the festival over the next year!
I explored the Warrior Trail, with the rest of the River Town Outreach Corps (RTOC), starting in Greensboro and hiking about three miles in and back. The trail varied from walking through farmer’s fields, along the highway, and through a cow pasture! I also got to explore my two towns (Rices Landing and Fredericktown) via the river on the Mon River Sojourn, in which I was a safety boater for the 60+ participants.
I attended several town meetings in Rices Landing, Fredericktown and Greensboro, discussing town projects. I also attended a few training sessions including sustainability assessment and CPR/first aid.
Going into this internship, I decided I wanted to explore the area as much as possible. Ryan, Marah, and I went to Presque Isle for a weekend, where I swam in my fourth Great Lake, Lake Erie! I also participated in the Oyster Race in Pittsburgh with the rest of RTOC. I had a great time biking through the city, running through the Pittsburgh zoo, and boxing in the ring with a trainer!