Samantha Lichtenwald August update


August brought a variety of projects that kept me quite busy. I spent a bit of time in our towns both promoting the program and getting dirty cleaning up parks! In California, I helped Marah with the Riverfest that she spent a great deal of time planning. In preparation for the big event, we spent a day cleaning up trash in Wyatt park, along the Mon. I suited up in my waders and pulled out all sorts of goodies from the river including a metal sign post and a leather chair! It was inspiring to see people enjoying the new river views in Wyatt Park during the festival. While helping out at the event, I met a lot of contacts to keep in mind for planning the Rices Landing River Fest for 2013! Brownsville Community Days brought in a large crowd to Market Street; Jenna and I were there to document it by taking lots of photos. We also stopped in Fredericktown to check out the Dock Dogs event at Greene Cove Marina. Rices Landing saw two more great bands play at the gazebo as part of the Summer Concert Series. I’ve already begun looking into funding the concerts for a second season! In Greensboro, I took down a jungle of brush, exposing views of the Monongahela River. In Point Marion, I cut down trees and shrubs along the park trail. I spent a few days cutting glass and laying out/gluing the Mon River and bridge for the Point Marion Public Art Project. I’m excited to see the mural completed and on the wall soon! I ended the month in Pittsburgh, where I attended a sustainable agriculture training session with the Green Cities fellows. I went camping in Ohiopyle and Laurel Ridge and even made it out to a bluegrass concert in Pittsburgh. I made friends with some great people this month including a new coworker and housemate!