Sam March


Earthsaver of the Month

What’s your SCA story?

Currently I am a junior going into my senior year at Park East High in Manhattan. In my past three years at Park East, I participated in many environmental clubs in and out of school. One day I got an opportunity to attend a national conference called Powershift in Pittsburgh, and while there I met someone who was actively involved with SCA. When I got back, I heard about a service event SCA was hosting at Riverside Park, so I signed up. I loved the convenience of the event and how friendly the staff and volunteers were and also the work we did, and so I’ve been returning ever since to all of SCA’s ConSERVE NYC events.

Why do you serve the planet?

I serve the planet because in ten years I would hate to see our natural landscapes melt away. Also one of the major reasons is that the earth serves us in that almost everything we use or eat comes from the earth and is part of nature. Serving the planet shouldn’t be seen as a time-consuming burden, but as a way of life instead.

What’s your favorite green space?

My favorite outdoor green space would for sure be the High Line. Basically it’s an abandoned elevated train line in Manhattan that was turned into a beautiful garden and environmental hotspot. To me, the High Line demonstrates conservation in the way it preserves a place while turning it into something nice and creative as well. 

Tell us about one of your favorite service moments.

My favorite experience with SCA would have to be the service event this May at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. While cleaning up areas of the beach we also got a glimpse of the historic airfield hangar and the planes used during the World Wars. The event was a combination of serving the environment and learning about history. 

What’s your next earthsaving goal?

I plan to pursue internships in the environmental field in the near future, starting this summer by serving on a community crew with SCA. And I want to major in a science field. I also want to travel everywhere, to places as near as Upstate New York and as far as outside the country, to gain a bigger perspective on global issues.

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