Ryne A. Dever


Ryne went to high school at Indian Trail Academy, where he graduated from the House of Biotechnology in 2008. Currently, he is enrolled at Gateway Technical College in Wisconsin, and he is about to transfer to the University of Wisconsin Parkside to join their Sustainable Resource Management degree program. He hopes that this will lead him into a career as a Park Ranger, which is what he aspires to become. Ryne has come from a background of camping and an outdoor lifestyle. He spent nine years as a Boy Scout, spending a lot of his time on camping trips, and it was during his time as a Scout that Ryne discovered what a Ranger was.

With the SCA, Ryne desires to use the opportunities provided to become even more involved in conservation of the environment. He will be using his time this season gaining experience, making friends, and growing professionally. Ryne’s conviction and passion for the world around him will be the driving force for his success in the future.

When Ryne is not outside, he spends a lot of time on his hobby, building and painting models for a tabletop war game, Warhammer 40K. He also enjoys biking, writing, the occasional video game, and copious amounts of reading. Recently, he has been spending a lot of his time working as a bartender at Chili’s but hopes to get more internship chances in the years ahead.