Ryan Fielden July update


The month of July was another fun-filled four weeks with the SCA. The RTOC crew walked along the Sheepskin Trail in Point Marion with the purpose of cleaning up the popular biking and hiking trail. We cleared the trail of large branches, downed trees, and any trash we could find, including quite a few abandoned car tires. A day was also spent at Wyatt Park in California opening up view corridors and removing invasive species. Marah, Jenna, and I were able to clear the view to the Monongahela River, allowing those who visit the quaint, little park to actually have a nice view when they come to visit.

Sam, Jenna, Marah, and I cleaned up the lock wall and Min-Love Park in Rices Landing by picking up trash and pulling weeds from the lock wall and parking lot one day this month. The area looks much cleaner and is now more approachable for attendees of the two Rices Landing gazebo concerts that Sam organized for July. Hit ‘n Run and Jaguar Mountain Rundown were two great bands that captured the attention of boaters and visitors in the area by providing family-friendly music that was enjoyable for all. I was lucky enough to go to both of the concerts this month, and I highly recommend that you attend one if you are in the area.

Our team went to Point Marion twice in July to help the community complete their public art project. The piece of art is a glass mosaic mural. We were able to help out by cutting glass and gluing the glass pieces to the backdrop. The mural is coming along very well and should be complete by the end of the year.

Mitchell’s Café opened at the end of this month in Brownsville. They serve Starbucks coffee and blended drinks, bakery goods, sandwiches, ice cream, and more delicious items. I had the pleasure of visiting the café the first week they were open and found everything to be very delicious. Brownsville is also well underway in their renovation of Snowdon Square on Market Street. Demolition of several old, unsalvageable buildings has been going on, and a park with a beautiful gazebo is expected to be installed when all the debris is cleared away.

In closing, I was fortunate enough to attend the All Good music festival and campout in Thornville, Ohio with several coworkers and friends. This was a four day affair filled with amazing music and great camaraderie. My favorite artists that I had the pleasure of seeing include the Allman Brothers Band, Yonder Mountain String Band, Lotus, Big Gigantic, Shpongle, Trampled by Turtles, The Werks, Papadosio, and Tea Leaf Green.