Ryan Bernardi- Team Member


I grew up in a suburb of Chicago called Woodridge. Living close to the city I never thought growing up that I would be such an active outdoors man. In my senior year of high school I did a project with Argonne National Laboratory which got published by them. Even after this publication I was not fully certain that I wanted to pursue a career in the sciences. It was not until I was attending college at Illinois State University that I realized how badly I wanted a career dealing with the environment. I have graduated this year from Illinois State University with a double major. One of my degrees is in the field of geology and the other is in the geography field. While in college I had heard of the Student Conservation Association from one of my geography professors. I filled out an application and before I knew it I had received an email to join the FishTrACS program. Once I interviewed for the position I knew right away this was the job for me. I am very excited to travel to parts of the world I have never been to and get to work with other people who have the same passions as I do.

Some of my major hobbies include: snowboarding, trail biking, skateboarding, soccer, swimming, indoor rock climbing, fishing, fixing/making computers, and playing acoustic guitar. Other hobbies that I love, but do not always have the resources to do so are: outdoor rock climbing, white water rafting, wakeboarding/water skiing, boating, camping, hiking, dirt biking, riding ATV’s, and backpacking the country.