Rob – Education and Conservation Team


I am Rob Hill, sometimes called “Bobby” by the folks here at Bear Brook State Park. I was born and raised on Florida’s West coast where I spent many a days fishing and exploring the mangrove forests. It was not until I went to school at Florida Gulf Coast University for Environmental Studies that I realized I could make a career out of my passion for the natural world. Having the opportunity to work and play in the Florida Everglades was an amazing experience; one that set in stone my plan to work in the conservation/ environmental education field. The New Hampshire Conservation Corps position with the SCA will provide an opportunity for me to develop the technical skills needed to succeed in this field of work. Along the way I have already been making some great friends and building strong communication skills. I have also been taking up new hobbies, song writing being one of them, so be on the look out for my hit single “My Darlin Marlin”.