Rands Crew Hitch 11-Hitch of the Lizards!


Salutations, reader! Hereafter are the tales of the Rands folk of the Desert Restoration Corps during their most-recent bout of restoration. The crew had an immense variety of work and play during this hitch and morale overall was sky-high. In spite of working many half-days and having an entire day devoted to completing the field segment of our ATV training, the crew successfully restored 1093 square meters of the Mojave Desert! Included in this restoration are 249 vertical mulch bushes, 265 seed pits and 8 erosion control structures. The change of seasons is afoot in the desert, as evidenced by the rising heat of the day, fields of wildflowers and hordes of desert critters becoming active once again. Below is a day-by-day tale of the hard work, cavorting and learning of the Rands crew over the past 10 days:


There once was a crew from Ridgecrest

Whose work ethic was simply the best!

They camped somewhere new, with a beautiful view

And full of birds and insects.


Next morning they drove off to restore

On the way they became deplored

They took the wrong turn, drove up steep rocks & berms

And with 4 x 4 skills they made it, Score!


Their incursions were monstrous and rough

So they cleverly placed rocks and duff (the uppermost layer of topsoil)

Did they see an iguana? No, some other lizard fauna

T’was a chuckwalla, now we all know our stuff!


Vroom, vroom went the crew’s ATVs

It was so much fun they could hardly believe

How much we all learned, when we cruised on ridges and curves

And at day’s end we went straight to sleep.


Huzzah! The monsters at last are done

It was tough, but rewarding and fun

Camel spider, hello! Here’s a home for you to go

Dan played his penny-whistle and on banjo Darrin strummed.


R85 has one more to fix

We volunteered at the BLM office

We painted a sign, and together devised

A set up to reach out to the public


That same day we worked 12 straight hours

Surprisingly we all were not sour

It was like a dream, Stephanie bought us ice cream!

Oof, how much did we devour?


At last R85 is no more!

To Red Rock Canyon we went to explore

Learned about paleo, and we all said “Whoa!”

When fossil bones were found in the canyon floor!


We began work on a new road today

Built a family of creosote to obscure the wrong way

We volunteered in town, but by then it had quieted down

But the cute tortoises all made our day.


The huge creosote city was wrapped up

We all thought, “Man, we really kicked butt!”

We lunched under a Joshua tree, got our camp all ready to leave

At midnight the moon was the color of blood!


Ahh, Post-Hitch day at last!

But shoot, we had such a blast

Great hitch y’all, safe travel near and far

Cheers to this wonderful cast!


The crew’s next hitch will be a Guys vs. Girls showdown, with an all-male crew working in the Rand Mountains. Be sure to read the next blog entry for the exciting conclusion of this friendly competition of the century!