The Quabbin


By: Marc Gomez-Crisostomo

A stone wall lines the sides of the main entrance. A few tress outline the driveway, giving you a country-club feeling. As you go further down the road you get a peak of blue coming from behind tress and bushes. Then as you approach the visitor’s center, right there in all of it’s glory, a big deep blue blanket greats you with its incredible backdrop of trees and hillsides. The Quabbin greeted us each morning as we drove across the half-mile long dam to our worksites. 10 days surrounded by breath taking views, hard working and inspiring DCR workers, and the challenging fun of building things on a trail.

Here are some of the most memorable moments:

· A beaver climbed the staircase up to our tool box as Jason and Taylor set new steps in.

· When in rains even just a tiny bit, a majestic rainbow appears over the reservoir.

On day 10 we didn’t want to leave. Though it was a short time, the partnership and relationships we had developed with the DCR partners, the visitors, and the location were truly special. The Quabbin mesmerizes you with it’s size and capacity. It tugs at your heartstrings with it’s breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. And it makes you appreciate something as simple and necessary as your drinking water.