Project Leader Kristian Stein Bio


My name is Kristian Stein. I grew up in New Jersey but have since lived in Arizona and California while volunteering and later working as supervisor for a nonprofit conservation corps, American Conservation Experience. There I worked on invasive species, trail maintenance, and wildfire risk mitigation projects, and was trained in chainsaw operation and wilderness first aid. Afterwards, while living in Flagstaff, AZ, I worked as a biological collections assistant at the Museum of Northern Arizona, and eventually earned a degree in Forestry from Northern Arizona University. Afterwards, I served a full time AmeriCorps term as a member in the Bear Jaw Fire and Fuels Module, where I became certified as a wildland firefighter. I later worked as a prescribed burn crew manager for the North Carolina Dept of Environment and Natural Resources. This is my first experience working with the SCA and I’m very excited about engaging the crew, our partner agency, and the public in the environmental issues that face the communities of the Black Hills.