Project Leader Bio – Alice P. Webber


Hey all!
My name’s Alice and I’m the PL for the 2012 SCA NH TrACS team (otherwise known as “MooseTrACS!).
I was born and raised in the hustle bustle of urban-suburbia New Jersey where I learned to appreciate the beauty in urban landscapes, good bagels, and great pizza. Every summer, my family and I would adventure up North to the serenity of the woods and mountains of Maine. The exposure to the diversity of these two places, including environment and economy, has been the driving force behind my desire to travel and explore to experience.
After high school, I attended SUNY Purchase, where I studied Fine Art and played for the school’s varsity soccer team. A few days prior to graduation in May 2008, my biology professor recommended looking at the SCA website, and I have been working with them since.
My start with SCA began in the California desert completing widely various conservation projects from monitoring Golden Eagles, to working trails in the Southern Sierras. Trails quickly became the venue I wished to focus my efforts towards, and I continued on to complete numerous stonework construction, timber projects, rigging work, and leading trail teams of high school students, college, and older. My experience with, and passion for, trail work is what has guided me towards TrACS. The program offers a new problem-solving venue to support the conservation efforts through trails. This will be my second summer leading TrACS in the Whites, and I’m so eager for us to begin covering new ground.
This past winter, I worked with Maine Conservation Corps as the Trail Training Instructor, completed my WEMT course, and learned to cross-country ski. There are a few other things I love as much as I love building with rocks: cereal, soccer, baking cookies, rock climbing, and singing too loud when I’m alone in a car.