Program Overview


SCA is a partner in a groundbreaking project funded by the Department of Energy that brings nine nonprofit agencies and 14 Connecticut communities together to decrease energy consumption and increase use of renewable energy sources. The 14 communities, located throughout central Connecticut have signed on to the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge. The Connecticut Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge is a nonprofit community savings program that engages residents in 14 Connecticut towns to reduce their home’s energy use by 20%. As residents join and take actions to help their household, they earn points that can be redeemed for community rewards. Connecticut is a small northeast state with areas ranging from urban centers, to oceanfront, to rural farms and communities. The communities include: Bethany, Cheshire, East Haddam, East Hampton, Glastonbury, Lebanon, Mansfield, Portland, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport, Wethersfield, Wilton and Windham. SCA’s CT Clean Energy Corps members are serving directly with community members, municipal leaders, and others to decrease energy consumption and increase the amount of that energy that comes from renewable resources. This on-the-ground program develops and implements outreach, education and action programming to increase awareness of the program in participating communities. The team host public events, utilize social media and work with community members one on one to get the word out and increase participation in the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge. This is a new, cutting-edge program that is charting new territory in terms of sustainable energy and reduced consumption.