Priya Cook


SCA 2012-2013, D.C. to Kenai Fjords

Priya Cook,  Director of Middle School Programs, City Kids Wilderness Project

(Priya is pictured above with members of the SCA Alumni Council, second from right.)

SCA Alumni Council Co-Chair, 2013-2014; Council Member, 2014-present

SCA 2013: Crew Leader, NPS Academy, Kenai Fjords National Park

SCA 2013: Curriculum Specialist (contracted)

SCA 2012-2013: Crew Leader, Washington DC Community Crew

SCA 2012: Intern, Environmental Educator in Great Smoky Mountains National Park


The Globe!
University of Notre Dame (Bachelor of Arts)
University of Texas at Austin (Master of Public Administration)
Current Job:
Director of Middle School Programs,
City Kids Wilderness Project
What led you down the path to conservation?

Enjoying the beauty of the outdoors with dear friends and family in India, Tasmania, and the United States.

How did SCA impact your life and career?

SCA helped me transition from a career in education and education policy into environmental education and youth development.

What’s the coolest thing about your current job?

As Director of Middle School Programs for the City Kids Wilderness Project, I get to work 10 months of each year in Washington, DC, and 2 months in Jackson, WY, with wonderful DC kids as they progress through our six-year program.

Tell us about one of your proudest accomplishments.
I’m proud of the risks I’ve taken — thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail with my best friend instead of jumping immediately into a policy job, and being willing to be an older intern than most to explore a new direction for my career.  
What has been your favorite part of serving on the SCA Alumni Council?

I’ve loved the opportunity to work beside SCA staff and alumni who are truly dedicated to environmental conservation and providing youth with life-changing experiences as they find their own path. 


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