Potential Government Shutdown


With the Continuing Resolution funding the federal government set to expire at midnight on April 28th, most government operations will be shut down unless a new funding agreement is reached by that time. Should a shutdown occur, all SCA positions on federal lands will be suspended pending a budgetary resolution.

Accordingly, SCA has directed all active interns and corps members serving on federal lands to consult with their site coordinator on the continued availability of federal housing (where applicable) and other relevant shutdown policies.

SCA is also contacting coordinators to determine procedures on a site-by-site basis, but members are best-served by initiating their own conversations about what is and what is not permitted during a shutdown.

Additionally, in the event of a shutdown, SCA will require all affected members to respond to a mandatory, daily electronic survey to help us assess and manage their individual situations. Each member’s well-being is SCA’s top priority and we are committed to minimizing any impact on SCA members and partners.

SCA positions that were previously scheduled to begin between April 21 and May 7 have been pushed back to May 8th or later.

These changes have been communicated directly to SCA members, incoming members and partners, and further updates will be emailed to all affected individuals. We will also post additional information here as conditions warrant.


Student Conservation Association