Pollinator Puppet Show


Construction paper bats & bees explain the basics of pollination

Pollinators are important. We all know this, right? And we likely all have a decent understanding of why they’re important—the crucial role they play in the plant reproductive cycles that underlie the smooth functioning of Earth’s ecosystems.

But what if you had to explain this role to a 5-year-old? Like right now? With no time to think about it? Go! Are you sure you’d be able to do it in a way that this hypothetical kid would understand?

Well, no need to worry about that now, because this educational video produced by the bright young conservation creatives in our New York State Excelsior Conservation Corps means you’ll never have to do any such thing.

Watch, Laugh, and learn as craftily rendered construction paper bees, bats, and butterflies simply and hilariously explain what pollinators are, why we need them, why they’re in trouble, and how you can help. If there happens to be a 5 year-old nearby, please invite them to join you, because it’s never too early to start learning about the complex web of life that we all must play a part in sustaining.

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