Poetry by Aliyah Akhtab



By Aliyah Akhtab, SCA Newark, NJ

I never knew conservation would be such an observation to the youth of the environment. Coming here was like an opportunity to be tolerant, whether I came in looking different, or came in with nonsense; I came in with courage and will never forget the good times and why? It had its reasons like our crew leaders had their seasons, dealing with our mood swings so that we can believe in ourselves, our wealth, getting paid was not what it was all about. But digging trails, using tools, listening to the words come out of Sam’s mouth…”O-N-E-L-E”. Looking at Nycekka in her face, I knew there was something about her, but not only could I look at her as a sister but what was all around her. Then Roma, the meanly girl I would always love, we had our good times and bad times but we both made up. Its just bringing a crew together, bringing a group together, its SCA forever, SCA is what I’m saying, SCA is what is staying, and Javan, I could of did some praying but still like u, you’re a cool dude and will miss your jokes. Even if we all knew that it took time to poke around and see, to include this group and me. I will never forget our times at the beach. Its SCA forever, SCA is what I’m saying, SCA is what is staying. Whether those late nights on the hiking trip where we all stayed up, or hearing a bear in the middle of the night and waking up. It meant a lot to me, just like it did when we climbed that waterfall with just good luck, looking at depth beneath us, but we all worked as a team and that’s what’s up. And not only was it my crew, but the other stuff. Like a girl name Juju who’s so sweet doesn’t give up. She was there for me since the beginning and even a girl name Jessica, who was more of a friend. I will never lose a good friend, because these certain people meant a lot to me. But I love everyone else even Valerie. “Big Booty”, “Big Booty”, ahhhh “Big Booty”, we got attached so fast before she even knew me. And even as time with past, it was like a movie, playing games with a group, either him or her, or a game I introduced to the group called the “The Killer.” But I learned at SCA that its not only what u produce but what your made of, and at first I didn’t know what to do but toss the fade up…sike at first, but never did I gave up. Mmmm these summer days, girls knew here not to wear any make up, and guys just knew to work so they can keep their game, and even if a picture last longer, I would put a frame up. Even with you SCA, it’s even stronger. And nor will we suck, because we are lucky we got this opportunity and not only did we keep moving but we never got stuck. And Al, the dresser to perfection. I had fun digging these trails, and not only did I build a friendship with you, I never failed, and that’s all but the truth, and all the work we had to do, and all the destinations we got to. It’s a conservation for a reservation, its all in you, and I bet if anyone leaves here, they will leave with the slightest clue, that it al was fair, it all was smooth. And it all was for a reason and on the move for this hot season, through all the digging to the picking and the raking. SCA is forever, SCA is what I’m saying, all the things that was said, all the things we say, and I will never forget my summer here at SCA!