Poem by Caleb Roupp “We Wake Up When?”


We Wake Up When? “Time to survey!” the morning person said Grumble, said her partner and wished he was in bed “This scenery’s amazing, even in the dark!” SNORE, said her partner Twas all he could remark “I don’t remember, do we turn left or right?” Snnnk-hnnnh, said her partner And dreamed that it was night “What music should we listen to, Country-Western, Rock?” Meh! said her partner His head felt like a block “C’mon, lighten up! Sure it’s only five” nggghhh! said her partner Not feeling quite alive At 6:15 they finally arrived Warming with activity Her partner began to thrive The usual morning question, “Who will survey first?” “I’ll do it,” said her partner “I’ve got it well rehearsed.” “Good morning!” said her partner “I’m with the SCA Might I take just a few minutes of your day?” SNORE! said his partner She’d faded clean away