Pittsburgh MLK Day Update


SCA’s own Emily McGinty sent us this update yesterday from Pittsburgh’s MLK Day events:
I had a great time with the SCA crowd today–from crafts and drumming to ice skating and dancing, we had a really fun time and got tons of people, especially kids, hyped up about MLK Day. Our event ended at 4:30pm and I’ve just come home with the pictures. I am actually headed to the inauguration in about an hour and a half with 30 kids from my school and 150 people from Pittsburgh—pretty crazy!!
SCA 009

Participants answered what MLK considered one of life’s most important questions: “What are you doing for others?” Our volunteers fulfill Martin Luther King’s dream by keeping our city clean and spreading the word about recycling! SCA knows environmental stewardship is a great way to connect to others.
SCA 012
Pittsburgh CLC member John Sinclair shows the prizes he won after correctly matching various materials to the time they spend in naure before decomposing. Two correct answers gets you a cup of hot chocolate, two more win you a marshmellow! R.E.I.’s “Litter IQ” test showed us that if you litter, the materials can stay in the environment for years. The big shocker? Styrofoam: it will stick around forever–literally.
SCA 014
New Pittsburgh CLC Coordinator Leanna Stitt poses for a photo on ice with SCA L.E.A.P students David and LaShawna. Free ice-skating was a great way to get everyone active. SCA students help out as Ice Guards (see David’s bright green vest!) and make sure things run smoothly–or as smoothly as possible with people flying everywhere around the ice!
Thanks for the update, Emily!