Phoenix Field School Spring 2015 Crew Member Charles Koehler


I am Charles Koehler. There are a number of reasons that I wanted to work with the Student Conservation Association. I found Phoenix Field School while looking for an internship opportunity with the SCA. The Field School seemed like a perfect stepping stone to get me from where I was to where I wanted to be. Where I want to be is in the field, hands-on working to help conserve what’s left of this beautiful planet we call home. Where I was is somewhere between caring and not having an outlet to actually have a tangible impact. I like that the Field School provides me with connections to future opportunities, while at the same time giving me training and certifications relevant to the work I would like to dedicate my life to. After this program I would like to take advantage of the connections provided in the program and find an internship for at least the summer. This could be anywhere, as long as I’m making a difference and experiencing nature in its most basic form. I would like to continue my education in the fall, but if I find an internship opportunity that lasts into the fall semester I would postpone returning to school.