Phoenix Field School Fall 2015 Crew Member Brandon Mercado


I’m Brandon Mercado and I was born and raised in Phoenix. As a child, we moved from place to place, so I’ve made friends over and over again. Meeting new people is still a bit of a challenge for me though. I’m working on it. I graduated from Franklin Police and Fire High School in 2015 with experience and certifications in CPR and AED, Wildland Firefighting, and in the Firefighting CTE program. This summer I joined ACYR in their Healthcare program and got an internship with a children’s doctor and an Intro to Healthcare class. With ACYR, I decided to join the Field School because of the Wildland Firefighter aspect of it, but also because of simply going out in the environment and getting to know it better. I’m very excited for the Field School and very grateful I was given this opportunity.