Philadelphia Alumni Join National Crew


Two Philadelphia crew members were chosen to be given the opportunity to join a SCA National Crew this summer after completing the Greater Philadelphia CLC program. These members joined other high school students on crews working in National Parks and federal lands across the country. The students were provided with travel scholarship, camping gear and predominately worked on trial building or maintenance projects for periods lasting 15 to 35 days. Members were chosen based on interest, attendance, leadership, enthusiasm, and work ethic. 

Above: Brandon seated, 4th from the left with his national crew

Brannon Reed, now a 4th year SCA alumni, first participated in the launch of the Greater Philadelphia 2011 year round program. From the beginning he was one of the most loyal and dedicated members of the program. Brannon was selected to engage in media interviews and to help recruit other students to join due to his charming personality and depth of SCA experiences. Recognizing the importance of making a difference at home first, his work along with his fellow crew members will leave a lasting legacy for all to enjoy in the Philadelphia area.

After completing the 2013 school year program Brannon embarked on a new experience joining one of our National crews this summer instead of staying local. He spent 3 weeks in Carson National Forest in New Mexico.

Maggie Pegan was also selected from the Philadelphia program to join a SCA National Crew with the Bureau of Land Management in Bishop, CA. Maggie’s crew will assist BLM field office staff to complete a variety of projects focused on protecting natural resources and enhancing visitor services in the area. Projects will include closing illegal OHV routes, maintaining trails and boardwalks, campground restoration, and cleanup projects as needed. The crew leaders will work closely with BLM staff to identify priority work projects upon arrival.