Paige: Recruitment Representative



Fun Facts about Paige:

  • Licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master
  • Has her own travel log
  • Shopping for a veggie car

Q: As SCA’s west coast representative, what was a strange experience you had on the road?

A: When I was in Tucson, AZ it snowed for the first time in 10-15 years. There were all these palm trees and cacti covered in snow. For once I didn’t feel like a tourist, because everyone else around me was taking as many photos as I was.


Q: In your experience, does the general attitude people hold towards conservation and the environment differ from the east coast to the west coast?

A: Absolutely. While there are many caring folks over in the East, awareness of the environment and conservation issues seems to be a more normal and accepted lifestyle out West. For example, when I was in Eugene, OR, I found out I could buy a locally produced, vegan, organic burrito”¦ at the 7-Eleven!

Q: If you were appointed Administrator of the US EPA for 1 month what would be your number one priority?

A: Healing the planet will coincide with genuine efforts to heal ourselves. I think that environmental problems and this virtual epidemic of physical and emotional health problems we see are caused by the same issues and will only be solved when we begin to take a holistic perspective in addressing them. If I were administrator, I would look into developing relationships with other organizations that will help foster solutions from this holistic perspective. Really, it’s not brain surgery: taking a walk rather than driving a car cuts emissions and improves physical and emotional health; eating whole, organic foods instead of fast food junk is good for the body and soul and cuts down on pollution caused by factory farming; the list goes on… duh! When everyone sees this connection, then we will begin to make some progress towards true health for the planet, and ourselves.

This is the second post in the ongoing series, Faces of SCA.